At first, I thought everything was going for me, especially when Mohamed Charbagi of « Alef production » had joined the project. A Franco-Tunisian production, the participation of Sonia Fellous, a qualified historian and archaeologist, and also the highly symbolic association of a Mohamed and a Cohen. The scenario was revised by a script-doctor, it was only left to face the televisions. Quite quickly, a national channel accepted the project, I went even in Catalonia, to the Mediterranean film festival, « MEDIMED », of which Mohamed Charbagi was one of the creators, to meet a manager, Otherwise charming. By the way, I made friends with a Jordanian woman who said to me when she gave me her card: « Now you have a family in Amman ». Back in Paris I was ready to prepare my suitcases and triumphantly told Sonia to prepare to do the same. New funding was sought. A few weeks later, the producer went into a projection room with the director of the chain in question. Mohamed confided to me that the man had avoided it in an obvious manner and that it was not good. Indeed, our bad feelings proved to be correct. A few days later we were informed that the project was postponed to « later », which means forever. The charming lady, responsible for the project, I had met at the « MEDIMED » festival, sent me a DVD with the words: « That’s what they want ». A highly anti-Israeli film. That’s why the making of this film became a personal affair.

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